Thanks so much for visiting my site. I’ve only been blogging here since October 2016 but I am having so much fun.

As you read through my blog, you’ll see that I’m pretty honest about the struggles in my life. I don’t usually post about those things in “real time” though. It just doesn’t feel wise to post all about my feelings right at the moment I’m feeling them. If you read that I’m really sad and I can’t get off the couch, but then you catch me breakdancing in the cereal aisle at Woolies, please don’t consider me a fake. I did feel sad. But that was probably last week or even last month.

I’m wife to Leigh, mum to four little girls, and a seminary student. I work in a church and I love Jesus. I am currently working up the courage to write my first novel. This is really what the blog is for- an exercise in being brave and vulnerable; showing up and putting myself out there; and carving out time to write so that I get better at it.

Thanks so much for reading, sharing, liking and commenting. Your engagement is just so appreciated!


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