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Listen To Your Life

A few years ago I put all my teaching resources on the verge for council collection. It might have been a bit of a waste, but I likened it to the prophet Elisha, who when called to be a prophet of God, killed his oxen and burned his plough lest he is tempted to go back to #farmlyfe.

I sensed a call to pastoral ministry and so I burned the plough…

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Bowen Family Systems Theory

Many pastoral leaders seeking meaningful ways to maintain good mental, emotional and spiritual health have looked to the field of psychology to guide their thinking and practice. It would appear that many organisational leaders, including clergy, are turning to Family...

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The Day I Got My Finger Stuck in the Bunghole

THE DAY I GOT MY FINGER STUCK IN THE BUNGHOLE by Yvette Cherry It was a beautiful calm day on the lake. The birds were singing in the giant Karri trees that lined the shore. The water was cool and clear- perfect for a hot summer’s day. Everything was perfect,...

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the together project

Yvette is the co-founder of The Together Project, an online resource dedicated toward equipping men and women to flourish together in ministry leadership.