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Beautiful You

Dear child of mine, I know you’ve started reading my blog and so I’m here to leave you an open letter. (An open letter is a letter specifically addressed to one person, with the awareness that other people will read it. People usually write them to politicians and the...

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The Great Unravelling

“We can hardly bear to look. The shadow may carry the best of the life we have not lived. Go into the basement, the attic, the refuse bin. Find gold there. Find an animal who has not been fed or watered. It is you!! This neglected, exiled animal, hungry for attention,...

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End COVID For All

This week I had the privilege of representing Australian Baptists at the Micah Australia delegation to Canberra to speak to Senators and MPs about ending COVID for all. Led by Rev. Tim Costello, Micah Australia is a movement of Australian Christians, including...

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the together project

Yvette is the co-founder of The Together Project, an online resource dedicated toward equipping men and women to flourish together in ministry leadership.