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There Goes God- A Cherry Family Update

“Hey, don't look now, But there goes GodIn his sexy pants and his sausage dog…”  -Crowded House “Community is community” – John Masters The past week has been a little hectic for the Cherry family. Leigh and I decided that we would publicly share the health...

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Yo Turkey

I write the following with some anxiety. Our daughter is really unwell. I think if she had a physical illness, I wouldn't hesitate to talk about it. I want to be part of breaking the stigma associated with other kinds of illnesses and I want to honour her request that...

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Beautiful You

Dear child of mine, I know you’ve started reading my blog and so I’m here to leave you an open letter. (An open letter is a letter specifically addressed to one person, with the awareness that other people will read it. People usually write them to politicians and the...

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the together project

Yvette is the co-founder of The Together Project, an online resource dedicated toward equipping men and women to flourish together in ministry leadership.