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Little Legends

My body aches. My joints are very painful and they seem to be taking turns. Currently, it’s the balls of my feet and the first knuckle of my right pointer finger, but in recent days the pain has been in my wrists, my knees, my left elbow, and my fingers. The GP has...

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The Hairdresser (and some thoughts on writing).

The Hairdresser You know how I'm a bit of an oversharer? You should hear me at the hairdresser! Doesn't help that she is a former student of mine, that we have a whole bunch of mutual friends, and that she is just the sweetest woman ever. Do you tell your hairdresser...

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Dear gutsy, outspoken, take-action women of God,

There is a story in the Hebrew Bible (2 Kings 4:8-37) that tells of a woman from a town called Shunem who befriends the prophet, Elisha. The woman is wealthy and she has her husband create a little furnished space at the top of her home so that whenever Elisha is...

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the together project

Yvette is the co-founder of The Together Project, an online resource dedicated toward equipping men and women to flourish together in ministry leadership.