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Listen To Your Life

A few years ago I put all my teaching resources on the verge for council collection. It might have been a bit of a waste, but I likened it to the prophet Elisha, who when called to be a prophet of God, killed his oxen and burned his plough lest he is tempted to go back to #farmlyfe.

I sensed a call to pastoral ministry and so I burned the plough…

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The Day I Got My Finger Stuck in the Bunghole

THE DAY I GOT MY FINGER STUCK IN THE BUNGHOLE by Yvette Cherry It was a beautiful calm day on the lake. The birds were singing in the giant Karri trees that lined the shore. The water was cool and clear- perfect for a hot summer’s day. Everything was perfect,...

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Grasshoppers and Roundabouts

I’m a firm believer that God uses the circumstances of our everyday lives to communicate with us. Sometimes we just need to be listening- paying attention to recurring patterns, themes, metaphors and motifs. I had coffee a while back with a particularly sparkly young...

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the together project

Yvette is the co-founder of The Together Project, an online resource dedicated toward equipping men and women to flourish together in ministry leadership.