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Pushing trolleys in the shops
Nappies, Panadol, bananas, chops
Teething toddlers riding high
Nanna gives a little sigh
Grandmas grandmas everywhere
Giving tender loving care

Shuffling slowly to pre-primary
Lunch box, pigtails, books for the library
Tears streaming- she doesn’t want to go
Poppy tries to stem the flow
Grandpas grandpas everywhere
Gently combing knotty hair

Is this what you dreamed you’d do
When you retired at sixty-two?
I thought you’d be in Queensland now
Grey nomads, winding down…
Time to slowly read the paper
A spot of fishing, a swim later.

But here you are in the kiss-and-go
Then there’s ballet and a washing load
Spelling words and dinner to fix
Before mum and dad get home at six
Grandmas, grandpas everywhere
What will we do when you’re not there?