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Is this the start of something new or just one more dream I can’t make true? – Sebastian, Lala Land

Dear Courage,

You and me, we used to be close; at one point inseparable. But it seems that lately… well, we just haven’t spent much time together. It seems we’ve drifted apart.

Lately I’ve been hanging out with Fear. I know, I know… we used to laugh at Fear. But Fear feels kinda safe at the moment.

There was that brief time we caught up last year. You remember? You, me and Resilience kicked some ass. Despite what people were saying about me. It was fleeting though. Like you were only in town for the weekend. After that Fear pretty much just moved in.

Courage, I have some dreams. I want to change some things.

Fear keeps pulling me back.

I didn’t realise how much I needed you.

I need your help. I think if you and me… if we don’t stick together… I’m going to look back one day and find that the only companion I have is Regret. And no one wants to live with Regret.

Courage, please come home.