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Hey Friends,

I am in a particularly chipper mood this afternoon so I thought I’d just drop you’ll a little letter to share that around a bit. I know some people are feeling especially bummed out today because they’ve chosen to self-isolate or they’re worried about a vulnerable loved one or their favourite event has been cancelled. I’m feeling all those things too and I know that 2020 is going to be tough but I’m also sensing that God has given me a little bit of a mission to use my love of all things writing, social media, pretty graphics and laughter to minister to you all at this time. My creative side seems to love a challenge and since I’ve had to postpone Fresh Conference, my mind has been whizzing with all the ways I can bring my meagre offerings to the task of keeping joy and laughter in this world.

I had a lot of joy moments today and I thought I would share a few of them with you.

First up, my kids are all a bit low-key anxious about school closing. I think their teachers are doing a spectacular job of being alarmed but not afraid, but I have kids with freakishly large radar for anxiety and so they’ve picked up on all the vibes. This morning the little two were a bit extra about all the uncertainty until we came up with a plan.

I’ve told them that if the school closes they can start a YouTube channel.

I only had to say it once and within a few minutes they’d come up with a name, a marketing strategy and even some plans for their first profits (to buy a better camera.) Watch out world, because my six-year-old is coming at ya.

After I dropped the kids in the kiss-and-go, I followed one of my besties Sam out of the school car park. She has to drive right past my house so I was using my powers of mental telepathy to get her to pull into my house. And she did it! Huzzah! We sat on the front lawn and had a very fast conversation about all the things and we solved all the problems and air-fived and then she was on her way. I love that lady so much.

Then I went to my friend Jodie’s place and I tried to write. But my people were preaching up a prophetic storm via FB messenger so I couldn’t concentrate. Then I chatted at a million mile an hour to Jodie because I had to run out the door to an appointment.

“I’m late, Jodie, I’m getting a tattoo!”

She just laughed.

I jumped in my Kia Carnival and raced across the city to Subiaco to the amazing tattoo artist I’d found on Instagram. My phone was on 3% charge and I was worried that it was going to die before I found her building but I managed to locate her street before it went off. I drove up the road, looking anxiously for a car park and feeling a little pumped, but not in a good way, because, well… tattoo, and then I SAW MY SISTER JENN!

Now I had no idea where my sister Jenn worked. I just knew it was somewhere city-ish. Turns out she works in the building right next to my tattoo artist.

So I rolled down my window and was all, “Yo, sister, where can I park?”

She pointed to an underground car park where I stalked someone till a spot became available, getting sweaty despite the air con going full blast because I was nervous about the tattoo.

When I emerged from the car park, running dangerously up the traffic ramp, my little sister yells, “what the heck are you doing here?”

I had not told my sisters I was getting a tattoo because I didn’t want any of them to try to talk me out of it. (I told George last night that I was doing it and she burst into tears. Sienna tells me that I once told her that she is not allowed to speak to people with tattoos (I did not) so she plans on never speaking to me again.)

“I’m getting a tattoo,” I yelled to her across the street.

“Dad’s going to kill you,” she yelled back.

I went in and had the tattoo done and it hardly hurt at all.

And then I had lunch with Jenn. Too fun.

And now this ends abruptly because I’m about to hit my self imposed word limit! Ha!

I’ll tell you more about the tattoo tomorrow.

Keep washing your hands. Don’t touch your face.

Much love,