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Yummy Mummy
Tummy like a deflated balloon
Silvery stretch marks glisten in the sun
Watching patiently as chubby toddler slaps wet sand.

Grey nomad
In cheesecloth and floppy hat
Makes the long walk from the shade to the shore
Pauses under the bluest sky
to thank God that he finally agreed to retire.

Awkward teenage girl sits
Shivering in an oversized rashie
As whitewash dances across her long, lean legs.

Eighty three year old Nanna
Leathery sun damaged skin
Stretched tight over bony frame
You’ll make a lovely handbag one day.

Blonde Belgian backpacker
Soaking in the midday sun
Stretches, yawns, stands
Brushes sand from her perfect, naked buttocks.

Self conscious mother of four
Slips out of her t-shirt and waddles down to the sparkling ocean
Swims out to meet her husband
who leans in to whisper,
you take my breath away.