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I am literally falling apart.

As in, I have the worst dandruff of my life.

Not very glamorous, I know.

I went to the chemist this weekend and told the pharmacist that I needed help. That the flaking is so bad that I am walking around with my own personal flurry. You know, like Olaf.

She gave me something antifungal. I’ve tried everything else in the supermarket so it’s my last hope. Wish me luck.


I was hanging out washing after church when my beautiful 10-year-old came outside and said, “let’s go for a bike ride around the Swan River, Mum.”

Me: “Oh. Really? I was going to have a nap…”
Her: “Serious? It’s a beautiful day and you want to sleep?”
Me: “Yeah, cos you know, I’ve been so sick and everything. I’ve got a sinus thing and I’m still recovering from that cold. I think it was a chest infection. I’ve just got no energy.”
Her: “You’ve got no energy because you don’t exercise, Mum.”

There’s an emoticon with big eyes, raised eyebrows and a straight mouth. It looks both surprised and guilty at the same time. That was me, standing under the washing line.


We went out for dinner last night to celebrate Pop as an early Father’s Day thing. I ordered a steak, sweet potato and salad. I was high fiving myself for my healthy choice.

But then I ate half of Nicky’s schnitzel burger, a whole bunch of fries from Sienna’s plate and a section of Leigh’s two-foot long hotdog.

The girls had a big day. They’d gone to see Beauty and the Beast at the Regal Theatre with their grandma and the adventure had included a whole bag of Maltesers and some kind of sundae/milkshake with a caramello koala in it.

At the restaurant that night, George went into full meltdown at the fact that her meal did not come with ice cream. She cried so much that we called it a night and went home.

As she was getting into bed, she said her stomach hurt from eating too much.

It seems to me that as the Mum of the family, I set the tone for many things, including the health of the family. If my habits are poor, then our habits are poor.

So I have to do something about it.

Some kind of Cherry health kick.


I got home from the beach this afternoon (see, health kick has begun) and this super cute t-shirt was at my doorstep. My little sister Jenn was shopping and she just couldn’t go past it. Here’s a picture of me, trying to look cute. I even put on lipstick.

And here’s a picture of my buck tooth. And a bad selfie. You know, ‘cos I’m all about keepin’ it real.


Anyway, this might be the worst thing I’ve written but hey, I had fun.

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful day!


p.s I didn’t do anything healthy at the beach. I just lay in the sand and read a really poorly written Nicholas Sparks novel. (That was a bit judgey, hey? At least Nicholas Sparks wrote his novel…)